I like to travel and get to know new places.
I like to associate those places with their people, and that's why I choose local accommodation.
I don't like big hotels that don't dignify the landscape that welcomed them and much less their impersonal type of welcome.
When I travel and settle in, I like to know people by name, I like to talk about the origins of the land, the history of the place...

When I travel I am happy even though I know that I won't have all the amenities that my home offers me.
It is not my custom made bed.
It's not my mattress that can be hard for some and soft for others.
It's not my XPTO pillow that helps me keep my cervicals relaxed and orderly...
It is not my ideal breakfast, so much so that I even travel with mine.
It's never the conditions I have at home, which took me a lifetime to obtain.
And for this I am not complaining.
I'm not complaining about the experience I decided to have the moment I booked it.
I'm not complaining about the elevator that wasn't promised to me in the reservation I made.
I don't complain about the bad luck that may happen in the place that hosted me, because I know that life can only be programmed to a certain extent and many things cannot be controlled by anyone.
And if I don't like the place, the responsibility for the choice was mine alone.

And so, if I lack hot water, I take a bath in cold water. After all, the sea doesn't have a heater either, so I don't mind.
If I don't like the decoration, I think I should have looked better at the reservation photos.
If I'm missing a towel or even toilet paper, I go to the reception to inform them.
One thing I am sure of, whenever I talk to the people in charge of the accommodations about any fault, I am genuinely doing them a favor, because they appreciate the opportunity to improve something they missed.
And in this field of hospitality it is not difficult for a fault to happen, because these human beings work 24/7 almost all year round and always with a smile on their face.
So instead of complaining on booking engines like booking or even complaining on google, I prefer to give them the opportunity to improve their performance, because when I like a place, I like to come back.
And by the way...
i always give top marks to the places where I go, because I like that these places can survive and thus have a familiar place to come back to. I think I have good manners and prefer to criticize in private but praise in public.
Because I do.

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