Autumn has arrived in Ericeira. And for us it is one more of the beautiful seasons that pass through here. It brings warm colors in the falling leaves, and its own aromas that take us back to memories of comfort.
But it couldn't be Autumn without roasted chestnuts, and behold, the '' Jogo da Bola'' (Republic Square) is filled with a mist of aromas that cloud the view and awaken our appetite.
They are the roasted chestnuts, hot and good, cooked by ''chef Augusto'' who keeps the tradition alive using the same old methods by cooking them over charcoal.
He doesn't give them away if they are not good, not the right color and temperature.
A man of times past, a quiet gentleman of traditional Portuguese honesty.
As long as it's autumn, we'll always have an appointment with him to eat these delicious chestnuts.
On weekends, at Jogo da Bola, in Ericeira of course.

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